White Sands National Monument – Fun With Family


I sure do love this crew!!! We popped over to New Mexico to visit my grandparents cousins who are in the area for the last half of Jaron’s spring break. While there I had it in my mind to take Jaron to White Sands as he’s never been and it is really a cool place! I talked my mom, grandparents, and cousins into coming along for the day trip – with the promise of a picnic and some quality Chelcy & Jaron time. The winds were billowing, but the Costco chicken salad was just as tasty on our sandwiches.

White sands was beautiful!!!! And we really enjoyed the time with family talking, laughing, and sharing a bite to eat.


My cute mammow and papaw (grandparents) with their great-grandchildren.


My sweet mommy holding little Emma.553693395061041219_IMG_4545

Athena getting some love from Taylor.


Luke trading the “puppies”. He talked Mammow into playing the puppy and Athena (the true puppy) was throughly befuddled.


Luke giving his auntie a hug!


Athena LOVED Luke and was having the time of her life running around in the sand dunes as Luke tried to climb to the top.


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