White Sands National Monument – Sledding

One of the questions I got the most from people when I told them the plan to go to White Sands was: What are you going to do there?

My experience there as a child prepared me for the answer, sledding!! Sure, you can hike, take pics, picnic. But what I was always all about when I’d go as a kid was hopping on a sled and giving it a go. The sand dunes are almost like snow with their white complexion and sledding is a clear choice for such snow like mounds. We even brought the perfect sleds – crafted after countless trips and trial and errors. These compressed wood beauties flew down the hills, sending you further out into the parking lot then their plastic disk cousins ever could.

One sled was the victim of the hard, cursty bump at the bottom of one part of the hill. But other then that slight hic-up the sleds met their glorified history.

Here are some fun pics from our sledding adventure!


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