Disneyland in the Spring – Day 2

Disney in the spring time… the flowers are in bloom, the foliage is green and lush, and the photo’s are oh. so. romantic.


Well, except for this one…. this is a total photo fail. But other then that, things are QUITE dreamy.


On Day 2 we tried something that I had never done at Disneyland before but had hear rumors of…. it’s called the “rope drop” and it was just as fun as I had heard it would be!! Before the park rides start running and the park is officially “open” people are allowed into the park, but not beyond the “Main Street USA”/the castle area. There is a rope up keeping people from passing from the main area into the various “lands”. At 8 am (in this case) when the park is set to open a voice comes onto the loud speaker welcoming everyone into the park and officially opening it for the day. After the recording is finished the ropes are dropped and those in the park can hurry over to the ride of their choosing and be one of the first to ride it – theoretically without any lines or waiting. We choose to use the rope-drop advantage to hurry over to the Peter Pan ride, one of the most popular, longest wait times, and most likely to break-down rides in the park. If not THE most popular with THE longest wait times and also THE most likley to break-down rides in the park. Getting on it first thing ensures that we got to enjoy the most popular ride without waiting in a long line or it breaking-down from the heavy traffic. If my memory is correct we were the 5th boat to ride it that day – not bad at all in may book!

If you are able to get there first thing in the morning then I HIGHLY recommend making it for the rope drop. There was something extra magical about being there before it even opened, and also when it first opened. Plus getting onto a fav ride without the line hassle was very lovely.


When I see this pic I imagine us all saying “Opa!” Do you see it?


I think you can tell by those grins that it was a GREAT second day. I always enjoy spending time with family and getting to do so in Disneyland always makes the experience sweeter!


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