Disneyland in the Spring – Day 1

As you can imagine, just walking into Disneyland makes us want to skip and heal klick rather then walk (see below) and we vertically did not hold back when those urges struck. Really, being in Disneyland fills me with a great sense of joy that is very childlike in it pure, enthusiastic quality. Our entire party was alllll happy smiles!


One of the new things that Disney is doing these days is the “MaxPass” which is essentially the old FastPass system brought into the digital and phone centered world. Basically, with MaxPass you can do the entire FastPass reservation system digitally on a app on your phone saving you the hassle of running to and from FastPass stations and letting you a) reserve the FastPasses on an app, b) letting you do it from anywhere in the park, and c) letting you do it more often then the hardcopy FastPasses let you do so before.

One of the other perks of the MaxPass is the free photo downloads from any of the Disney PhotoPass picture takers – whose cameras are awesome and who are often in the most ideal picture taking locations. The below pics are MaxPass pics taken by a photographer who was kind enough to let us talk him into taking our pic as he headed to the front of the park to capture the Princesses and other guests. I have always loved these manicured diamond vines as you walk into the park and it was fun to get a pic of us all matchy matchy

of them!


We did the famous loop that Jarons family traditionally does when entering Disneyland: Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Haunted Mansion, and Splash Mountain. Look at those cute happy faces leaving the spoooooky



Again, unable to control the happiness, the bothers skipped in synch from Pirates to the Haunted Mansion.


The wait time for the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was very attractive so we hit that up whilst completing the loop. This ride always delivers great videoing opportunities since it isn’t so fast that you feel like your phone will be ripped out of your hand, but it’s definitely fast enough to whip your hair around and give you the thrill that only a rollercoaster could. (pro tip: if your arms are really long don’t keep em straight the whole ride, only when you’re outside. Disney folklore speaks of ridders who didn’t bend their arms and who ended up with broken or worse limbs.)


Gotta love the wildlife that Disneyland hosts. In addition to the geese and ducklings Disneyland is home to several hundred cats. Keep an eye out and you just might spot em 😉



One of the most important parts to any Disneyland trip is the Mickey Macaroons which can be found at the Jolly Holiday Bakery just off Main Street USA. These are my favorite and if you have never had one I recommend planning a trip to Disneyland immediately so that you might partake of their deliciousness. If you’re lucky there might be a fun twist to the original red Macaroon with raspberry’s and a delicious ganache, which was the case here with our darling Minnie Mac’s. Not as yummy as the raspberry, but still so very cute and refreshing with the lemon twist. But if it’s you’re first one eat the raspberry. You won’t be disappointed. Promise.


….I must admit that Splash Mountain is prob my least favorite ride ever. I despise being wet and the drop always gets me. Like I can’t keep y eyes open and I scream like a small child gets me. But the family loves it so I tag along. Just look at those smiles below…. you wouldn’t be able to resist a ride that brought on that smile either. Even if you knew it would end with you wet and hoarse.


Eventually we made our way over to CA Adventure. We had park hoppers so we went back and forth several times throughout the day – spending time at Disney in the AM and Adventure in the PM and flirting back and forth through the evening.

That light never did turn green….


My 100000000% favorite ride is Guardians of the Galaxy, Mission Breakout. It’s thrilling and fun and changes every time you ride it. I love a ride that keeps me on my toes and still gives me thrills and chills. This ride does that!!! I’ll admit I was sad to see The Tower of Terror go, since I also loved that ride. But the updated version is so much more exciting even after the 5th ride. So if you get the chance, ride it. Twice. or Five times if you can manage the wait times/FastPasses right.


The Pixar Pier was nearing completion when we went to visit. I hear the updates are great and I can’t wait to check them out when we go back in October.


TEA CUPS!!! A classic that is far more magical at night then during the day (in my opinion). The different lights and lanterns make the spinning mind boggling and I love jumping down the rabbit whole on this ride.


We loved being their with both of our families (minus a brother&wife on either side – We missed you Pres and Tyler!!) and the happiness in our faces even after a long first day is apparent below! I have this hanging up on our office and every time I look at it I am reminded of a really magical day!


Thanks for the dreams made and good times had Walt!!!!


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