Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon


Jaron and I ran our first 1/2 marathon in January. We did it with a couple of my law school friends who had both done one before (and one of them just did an iron man race in November). We both finished and ran most of it! Which was my goal… finish, don’t get hurt, run as much as you can. It was pretty fun, we just talked the whole way and walked when we needed to! The pic of Jaron was at a turn-around point when he and Carlos had gotten a little ahead of wolf and I, which worked out well cause I was able to snap a pic of Jaron. He’s a really cute runner and looks good in all the pics from the race… I mostly look like a  red tomato so, not quite as cute.

I’m still in such aw that we actually did it. I’ve always wanted to be able to run a marathon cause it’s so hard and such a feat to be able to do, but I’ve also been so scared of doing so because I know how hard they are and I am not a very good endurance runner. I played volleyball in college so I was always all about the short, fast distances. Not the long and slow ones. It’s a completely different game and training for the 1/2 was really fun to see that difference. I still don’t think I’ll ever do a full marathon, at least not for a long while, but I definitely want to do another half. After we finished my knees were feeling it from the pavement pounding and the day after my leg muscles were so sore! Like just worked out for the first time in a long while or just maxed out lifting weights sore. I’ve always kind of embraced and liked that sore feeling cause it means I’ve pushed myself and gotten in a good work-out, so even tho I was limping places it was a good feeling.

Now I just have to convince Jaron to do another one with me 😉 He was pretty hesitant to do this one with me, but at the end his competitive side kicked in and he took off to sprint the last mile. I was extra dead and was just proud of myself for running instead of walking, so there was no way I was keeping up with him. Wolf ran the last bit with me and I was grateful to have someone to hold me accountable to keep running! Jaron ended up finishing at 2:40:01 and Chelcy finished at 2:41:18. So now that we have PR’s we can train to beat them!

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