Hutchinson, Kansas


We came to Kansas for presley’s bowl game, and while here we went on a tour of a salt mine! It was really cool. We went 450 feet under ground to the “old” part of the mine. They still mine salt here, but they are quite a ways from where the mine museum is as where they take you was the place they were winning 100 years ago. You could smell the salt in the air there and it was just crazy to think about how far under ground we were. They let you take a bag of salt with you when you go, and I couldn’t resist tasting some of the salt I grabbed…. it definite tasted like salt!! It’s crazy that salt is just ground up rocks and in its natural state its a HUGE rock. So cool. That part of the trip was really neat, if you’re in the area, I think it’s be fun to check out!

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