We spent New Years Eve in New York City to ring in 2019 and it was equally the most miserable and memorable experience of my life. I loved that I got to experience it with Jaron and that we even got to go a bit early to explore New York City together.

The First Day



We had a busy first day playing tourist! I’m all about the bullet points so here is our itinerary:

  • Wall Street
  • Trinity Church
  • St. Paul’s Church
  • September 11 Memorial
  • Lunch at La Parisienne
  • Mariebelle Hot Chocolate (484 Broome St, New York, NY 10013)
  • Laduree Macaroons
  • The Strand book store
  • Central Park Ice Skating/Carriage Ride/ Bethesda Fountain/Carousel
  • Times Square
  • The Lion King musical (8pm)


The Second Day



Our second day was spent at the statute of liberty and ellis island, we also went to church in the afternoon and ate at mommofoku! Which was delicious. After dinner we met up with my parents in Newark.

The Third Day – New Years Eve



This was one of the craziest days of my life!

We started off going to the original Maceys, Little Italy, and China Town. We got in some fun shopping in China Town, a new experience for Jaron and a fun revisiting of a favorite past time of mine. After shopping we went back to Little Italy to eat lunch, dropped our bags off at a bagbnb (super cool service! If you’re ever traveling and need to leave your bags somewhere secure while you shop/travel this is a great service), and then we were off to Times Square.

We decided to get into Times Square at 3pm. Everything I had read said that the majority of the revelers arriving at 2pm were close to the center of the square. We tried to enter at the 48th street barricades, but were told to go to the 49th street barricades. At 49th we were once again to go further towards Central Park. We were able to enter at 50th street because Kelly (my Air Force sister) used her talking skills to get us past the initial barricade. We were scanned by the police with those sticks they use for security, about half way down 50th to 7th, and got by just fine with our pockets stuffed with various granola bars and fruit and other snacks. We ended up having to walk through the various barricades separating the main streets (48, 49, 50, 52 etc) on 7th. We ended up at the front of the barricade on 48th street. That means we were one block behind the big stage and screens. Looking back, we should have started trying to enter on 45th and 46th.   I liked that we were coming from 6th rather then 8th because the subway stops on 6th and we had a quick in and out.

Pro Tip: I’d recommend coming from 6th – but start trying to enter on 45th rather then 48th. And be patient with the lines to enter.

It was raining constantly – a steady drizzle – that had us very wet by the end of the night. Lots of people wimped out and left early. And we noticed that around 9 and 10 pm they were letting people in. We were told – if you leave you cannot come back in to where you left. However, with the weather, so many people up close to the stage had left that those who tried to come in later were admitted.

Pro Tip: If the forecast is rain, wait until there are only 3 to 4 hours left in the night and try to enter at 45th-47th. You’ll still be close to the stage and you won’t have to wait out in the rain all night!

And most importantly we did get in our New Years Eve kiss. It was magical and I will love this picture for forever!

If you can go to New York City for New Years Eve, you should!!!! It was a great experience and one I hope to have with our kids someday.


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