Caliche’s Frozen Custard


If you ever go to Las Cruces, NM you have to go to Caliches. When I was little, it was called Scoopies, but they changed the name when I was in elementary school to Caliche’s. No matter the name, the frozen custard they serve there is soooo good!

I have always been a fan of the Grasshopper Sunday (mint sauce, Oreos, and vanilla custard), and the Mango Tango (mangos, nut of your choice, and vanilla custard), but recently I’ve been make-your-own kinda girl.

The last time we were in Cruces, it as freeing outside! But we can’t go through there without stopping for some custard magic, so we bundled up and got us some Caliche’s. If you ever get the chance to go to Las Cruces, I highly recommend you make a stop at one of Caliche’s locations!!

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