Disney Round 2

We jetted off to CA to visit Disney for the second time this year, but this time we had a special guest with us! We surprised Jaron’s youngest brother with a trip to Disney, tricking him into thinking he was spending the weekend with us at our place and waking him ups with news that we were headed to Disneyland!

Jaron picked him up late after work and told him we needed to run an errand and he could fall asleep in the back of the car if he wanted to, which he did since it was 11pm at this point. We drove to halfway to Anaheim that night, stopping at a hotel to sleep before deriving the rest of the way the next day. McKaden was so tired he didn’t even register that he had seen a “Welcome to California” sign (he woke up just as we were crossing the border) and that he was in another state, he just wanted to sleep. We had him open a box inside the hotel room and inside it were Disney shirts, which was our clever way of telling him where we were taking him! He was pretty excited, but also SUPER tired (granted, even I was tired, it was 2 am after all) so the full meaning of what we were telling him didn’t really register until the next day when we took off dressed in matching Disney shirts to hit up the most magical place on earth!

We had so much fun and were able to spend two whole days running between the parks, ridding our favorite rides, and eating the best treats. I think I converted the boys into Mickey Macaroon lovers, but they did still get their fair share of cream cheese pretzels. The Guardians ride is my favorite (it took the place of the Tower of Terror ride), and we may have rode it 5 times between the two days. We also rode every single ride except Peter Pan, Mr. Toads Wild Ride, It’s A Small World, Alice in Wonderland, and Finding Nemo. Which was a really successful outing if you ask me, we rode all the big rides at least once (including splash mountain which is not my particular favorite – see pick below). We discovered some new favorites like the Bear Mountain water ride, it’s real name is escaping me. McKaden loved that one so much he voted we ride it several times, which the boys did…. I don’t love getting wet in real clothes and after the soaking that was splash mountain I was kinda over them.

We really had so much fun!!! It was a trip for the books!


I love this bubble blower so much!!! Disney is pretty magical on it’s own, but an endless stream of bubbles RELLY ups the wow factor.




The photographer said “act afraid of the headless horseman” McKaden said he wasn’t faired, he was scaring him!


We were on the last ride before they switched it over to Monsters After Dark, the halloween version of this ride, which is why it’s so empty… there was always TONS of people waiting for this ride so it’s kind of crazy to see a pic with so few people in it.


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