Disney’s Galaxy Edge – Olga’s Cantina


Disneyland’s Galaxy Edge (aka Star Wars Land) is full of cool details, funky food and drink, and AMAZING experiences.

One of those cool experiences that we got to do was Olga’s Cantina. You know, the place where the world met Hans Solo in A New Hope. Disney did not let us down and the atmosphere and detail made this one cool place to pop into.

Not that any popping into was had, as we made reservations within one hour of reservations opening 14 days in advance of our visit. (thanks Becky for living on the east coast and easily being awake at 7am pst) Never-mind the advance planning needed, it was worth it. If you’re going to DL, put in the time and make sure you can go to this fun watering hole.

We tried 4 of the 6 non-alcoholic drinks. Our favorites were the Jaba Juice and BlurgFire. Honestly, we liked them all. The BlurgFire was a sweet drink with a chile powder dipped rim that paired really nicely. The Jaba Juice had pineapple juice in it, along with green apple favored popping pearls (like the bobas in boba smoothies). We loved those pearls!! And Jaron loves pineapple juice so that was a happy drink for us!

The couple that was there with us tried the Jedi Mind Trick alcoholic drink and reported it as surprisingly delicious, plus it had a cool name. That is the blue drink that’s lit up in the photo above. If you’re looking for an alcoholic drink at Disneyland that might be one you have to try!

Overall, the drinks were fun and yummy and the location was great for getting you into the Star Wars spirit! We really had a good time there!!

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