A Quick, Easy Pasta


I love quick meals. I love easy meals. I love eating veggies when they taste delicious and come with carbs and cheese.

The secret to this meal is cooking the veggies before/while the pasta cooks so that when the pasta is done you add the sauce and the veggies at the same time and it’s all ready to go!

Here’s what I used:
-one bag of fresh sugar snap peas
-one bunch of asparagus
-one small container of mushrooms, cut
-twisted pasta
-tomato based, mushroom red pasta sauce

Here’s what I did:
-start boiling the pasta on the stove
-add some oil (I used coconut) to a large pan
-put all the veggies, which should be cut, into the pan with the oil
-once the veggies are tender, take off the heat and put into the bowl you’re serving the pasta in
-add the pasta sauce to the bowl (I used about 2 cups, use more or less depending on how “wet” you want your pasta)
-when the pasta is done cooking, add it to the bowl with the veggies and the sauce.
-eat it and enjoy!

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