Went cherry picking 🍒 wore a sun hat I love 👒 and wondered all day why I don’t wear it, or any of the extensive collection of hats or scarfs that I own, more often 🤔 I think it’s because I feel “extra” or “over the top” or like I’m “trying too hard” when I wear these accessories and I can’t be the only one who worries about that 🤷🏻‍♀️ it’s something I’ve been mulling over recently and I’ve decided I’m going to be a little less worried about that and just wear the hat 🎩, or the lipstick 💄, or the scarf 🧣, or the fun dress 👗 and be a little more “me” and a little less “the girl who I think maybe I should be” and not worry about the perfect excuse for why I pulled it out of the closet. If I like it, why shouldn’t I wear it… and if that resonates with you, then maybe you’ll consider being brave with me and wearing what you want because you want to 👊🏼 #wearthehat

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