Top 5 Disneyland Treats

We love Disney in our house and a trip to Disneyland is never complete without sampling a few favorite treats. This year we went at the beginning of October, just as the Halloween fun was kicking off. This meant several of our treats were seasonal to Halloween, but don’t worry. The magic makers at Disney always come up with several fun seasonal twists for their treats for each season, so you’ll still be bale to try a unique caramel apple!! Below are our top 5 treats, let us know which are your favs or any that you love that we missed.

  1. Mickey Macaroon


I LOVE MICKEY MACAROONS!! This is my all-time favorite Disneyland treat and I make sure to get it every time I go – or at least two to three time if I’m being honest. As someone who is Gluten Free this treat is perfect for me because it gets that sweet craving satisfied, makes me feel like i’m having a cookie, and also has berries so I somewhat feel healthy while eating it. Just kidding there is not much healthy about a cream filled almond cookie, no matter how much i’d like to think so. This treat is found in the Jolly Holiday Bakery (the yellow cafe on your left if you’re facing the castle in front of the Walt and Mickey statute). If you have dietary restrictions, you’ve never had one of these before, or you love macaroons I suggest you go give this a try next time you’re in that magical place.

2.The Adorable Snowman Lemon Parfait


(cue the circle of life) (also, aren’t those star lights pretty)


If you’ve seen Monsters Inc. then you’ve seen the adorable snowman in action offering up his yellow snow cones which are “lemon flavored.” With the instillation of the new Pixar Pier California Adventure has added an Adorable Snowman Snow cone booth on the opposite side of Airel’s Grotto on your way down the pier to the Incredicoster. And at this booth you can find the delicious and amazing parfaits which are SO SO SO GOOD. I ate most of ours after snapping the obligatory pic (please note how Lion King that one pic is). This treat is pretty new so lines to give it a try can get really really long. If you’re not into rides and you don’t mind treats in the morning (I know I don’t) then snag one when you first get to the park and enjoy that lemon flavored adorable snowman treat goodness.

3. Seasonal Caramel Apple


You’ve seen Snow White and you know not to eat the poisons apple offered by the Evil Queen. But how can any real process resist such a pretty treat, especially when they love apples and this apple is covered in caramel and then chocolate. This treat is definitely seasonal, but I know they offer lots of other caramel apples decorated for whatever season it is and they are DELICIOUS! So if you see a cute or fun or totally awesome caramel apple, give it a try and let me know what you think! Food is always more fun to eat when it’s dressed up!

4. The Dole Pineapple Float


A classic treat that you should certainly try if you like pineapples, ice cream/treats that cool you down, or if you’ve never had it before. This pineapple float is available just outside the Tiki Hut right in front of the entrance to adventureland. Just like with the adorable snowman parfait, the lines for this treat can get SUPER long. If you’re not into waiting in lines, grab this goodie early in the morning. We happened to be the second people in line to get the treat and since the gal in front of us got a plain old whip we got a “First Dole Float of the Day” button! We had never gotten that before and it was super neat to wear that around all day. Jaron loves loves loves pineapples so we always make sure to get one of these to share.

5. Maurice’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Twist


We love to go catch a show while we are at Disneyland (great opportunity to rest your legs and cool down). I love the princesses and we usually swing by the Royal Theater which is just to the left the castle (like they share a moat) to catch a princess show. In front of the Royal Theater is Maurice’s Bakery Cart and there you can get a cookie twist.  Mmmmmm, that flakey bread mixed with the chocolate chips is divine! Or so Jaron has told me… this treat is full go Gluten so I haven’t gotten to try it but he tells me it is delicious. This yummy snack is great for a quick cookie fix. The lines for this treat are generally not very long because not many people know about it. Score for us!

Honorable Mentions

We have to acknowledge some treats that we love but that didn’t make the top 5. We don’t have pics of all of these so you’ll just have to imagine how yummy they look.

  1. The cream cheese stuffed pretzel.

This can be found at a pretzel cart in tomorrow land in front of where you exit from star tours. This treat is one of Jarons favorites and his family always stops to grab one.

2. The chocolate covered rice crispy treat.


These beauties are found at most of the treat shops, but these ones I got from sweet sensations on Main Street USA. These are always decorated different depending on the time of the year which make trying them always fun because you don’t know what you’re going to get.

3. The Churro.

Churro’s are a Disneyland treat everyone has heard of (which is part of the reason they aren’t in the top 5) but since I am GF I haven’t had one since I was little running around Disneyland with the Price’s. We don’t usually stop to get one these for Jaron, but I know that most everyone loves them so I have to give them a shout out.

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