Rainy Day


Those of us here in Arizona got to experience Rosa, the hurricane that hit the east coast, this week. It rained a little Monday and Wednesday and we saw the worst of it on Tuesday. There were flash flood warnings and large collections of water at various places in the roads, and the power went off at work so I got to go work from home the rest of the day. Other then that it was not too bad of a storm.

I love love love the rainy weather. In Sacramento it’s rainy most of the fall/winter and I love getting to pull out my old rain gear from when I lived there when it starts to pour. It was fun getting to walk under umbrellas and pretend it’s fall here in AZ while wearing sweater dresses. I suspect it will be back to short sleeves by this weekend, but it was nice getting to dress for the weather I wish we had for a greater part of the fall.

This dress is from Khols, and I can’t find it on their website… but I found some similar grey sweater dress options here, here, here, here, and here.

Did you get rain this week? If so was it a nice change or did you wish for sunshine?

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