Mt. Graham Lake


I am feeling that summer time magic! The lighting at this pretty little lake is always beautiful, but getting to be there with my grandma on her birthday weekend was something special! She came over to my parents house for a birthday dinner on her way to a Suns game. She’s a super basketball fan and it was fun to get to see her on her way over to Phoenix! It was also super fun to eat her chosen birthday dessert – banana pudding. It’s a family recipe that came from my great-grandma (we called her Dabaw). She always made it from scratch, without a recipe to follow! How we got that written down is a fun story, but I’ll save that for later when I post how to make the famous Dabaw’s Banana Pudding. Sorry to keep you hanging 😉

Mt. Graham is the mountain right next to my home town, Thatcher. It’s literally 30 minutes from my parents house, and you’re up 10,400 feet in the trees and that mountain air. It’s dreamy, and this little lake may be my favorite spot. It seemed appropriate to wear my “natural wonder” shirt to see this natural wonder! There is something magical about lakes in the mountains in the summer… wouldn’t you agree?

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