Relief Society Birthday Party


We had our relief society birthday party this Saturday! If you don’t know what the relief society is, it’s the woman’s church organization for the LDS or mormon church. We celebrated the anniversary of the organization aka it’s birthday. I’m on the committee for planning our extra meeting each month and I volunteered to take care of the decorations. I think they turned out super cute!!

I made the tissue paper garlands and it was a very easy project. We used the lace doilies from our wedding and they really stood out on the blue table toppers. PS, the blue silk table toppers were just the right amount of shine! We also used fresh flowers reach really added to the table tops.

We served a dinner to the ladies family style, so we kept the centerpieces very simple.

It was so much fun to decorate the party! I love planning a party and the decorations are one of my favorite parts. It was a treat to only be in charge of the decorations! They were fun to plan and put up!!

Do you enjoy decorating for a party? Do you try to mostly make your decorations or do you buy them all? What are your favorite decorations you’ve used.

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