Sparkly Sunday Skirt


Moment of appreciation for the sprite I’m holding in these pics ❤ I took the bar this Tuesday and Wednesday and these last couple of week I survived with some good old fashion sugar and a caffeine and soda is the magic that put that in ma bod. I wore this outfit to church on Sunday (which was pre-bar) hence the soda and the tired eyes.

But, lets talk about happy things like this pink, sparkly, princess-worthy shirt! I found it on ASOS and love love love it! I’ve been trying to buy clothes/things that make me happy and this skirt is deff one of those things. How can you not see it and be happy. Wearing it is even better! To really amp up the princess effect I wore my wedding shoes (also from ASOS, they don’t carry the high heal anymore but this is the flat one). I don’t think there is a better match with the sparkle one the toes and the white satin.

Love’d wearing this outfit and the way it made me feel! I hope to always find things that make me feel happy when I wear them!

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