The Bar

Hello everyone, this is a scheduled post, so don’t panic thinking I’m blogging on the day I’m taking the bar 🙂 I just wanted to create a post to talk about the long journey that bar prep has been and to thank everyone on who has helped. I’ve been pretty MIA from my family and friends as I have prepared for this whole test thing. It’s pretty scary but I know it will be worth it. I’m just really grateful for everyone who has been patient with the big commitment that bar prep is. It’s literally the hardest test I will ever take and I’ve had to dedicate huge amounts of time to it to help me feel confident walking into the test. I really really really am thankful for how wiling my Husband was total care of me during this process. He’s had to take over dish duty, and cooking, and cleaning, and laundry and all the little things that I was doing before. I’m kinda OCD about keeping that stuff in order and it would have driven me mad if there were constantly dirty dishes and laundry and stuff that takes time that I want to take care of but didn’t feel like I could give up the time to do them. He’s my hero and I am just so overwhelmed with gratitude for how amazing he has been.

It blows my mind that the day is finally here… theoretically since I’m just imagining what it will feel like when that day is here. If you have a moment to spare and could send a prayer up for me I’d be ever so very grateful, this text is very daunting and I know that the power of prayer is real and will aid me in feeling clam and being my most alert self.

Thanks for reading along and wish me luck!

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