Living Room Photo Wall


Jaron and I received so many great wedding gifts that were wood signs/decorations. We love them all and in our first hour we had no where to hang them! Which made me kinda sad because I wanted to display them. Luckily, in our yellow house there is lots of wall space and we can finally put up these beauties!

Also, I was able to put up the cutest sign my sister-in-law made us for Christmas this year. I’ve always wanted one of those “this is where our fairytale began” or “love maps” and she made my dreams come true! Danica is suuuuper crafty and I love that we get to see her masterpiece every time we go in the living room. She’s very talented!

It was so hard to choose the photos to print off and having to pick made me want to have a whole wall of wedding/other photos that we’ve taken! Hopefully in our next house I can have a whole gallery but for now this will do. We tried to pick out photos that were meaningful, like our sunset first-dance pic or our exit photo with all the sparks flying (we had a sparkler exit;).

What do you think? Do you have a photo wall up in your house? If so, what kinds of photos do you display and how do you decide??

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