The Wedding Scrap Book



When we got married, I knew I wanted to make a wedding scrap book… actually, back that up. After my first Bridal Shower was when I knew I’d be doing a wedding scrap book.

As I was writing thank-you notes for all of the awesome presents that were gifted at my first shower, I kept track of the ones I had written by making a list on a big sheet of scrap book paper that I planned on putting in my wedding scrap book.

Growing up, my mom made a scrap book for each of us for every year we were in school. I love being able to look back at these books to remember what we did each year, who was in my class, what my science fair project was, ect. I have a pretty good memory, but these books really help me remember the details of my childhood. So, I knew I wanted to be able to remember everything from our wedding and a scrap book seemed like the best way to do so.

However, like most good ideas, I was not exactly on top of the execution. I may not have finished it within the first month… two months… okay six months of our marriage. But I did finish it before the year we were married in ended! So that has to count for something 😉

I’m kinda really proud of having finished this project. It definitely took a good chunk of time, but I can never say no to an excuse to wonder down the scrap booking isle at hobby lobby. This has made me want to make one for our first year of marriage, but we’ll see. I may end up just using one of those awessssome photo books you can make online, but that takes the fun out of the scrap booking materials trip that scrap booking necessitates. So I’m not sure yet. I gotta get through this whole taking the bar thing before I worry about a first year of marriage scrap book.

Some of the pages we have are:

  • An intro page with our wedding certificate
  • A page with out announcements and the Order of Events that was placed on the tables
  • The First Look and Details of our outfits
  • The Ceremony and Our Temple Exit
  • Bridal Photos, the Bridal Party, and our Families
  • First Dance, Child/Parent Dances, the Anniversary Dance, and General Dancing
  • Toasts, Cutting the Cake, Bouquet Toss, and Garter Toss
  • The Reception Decorations and the Reception Exit

Did you make a wedding scrap book? If so, what was your favorite page? I asked Jaron this and he picked out our reception exit photos page 🙂 so that’s what you see above!

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