We spent Thanksgiving in Thatcher this year! My favorite Thanksgiving Job is setting the table, it’s always fun to display the food and make the presentation pretty. My dad took the pic of me posing with the table! He knows thats my fav job and it’s really sweet that he encourages me to let me flare shine! I went over to my grandpas and borrowed my grandma’s turkey candles… except we didn’t have any candles for them so they are just cute turkeys on the table! I loved how the gold of the sparkling cider matched the gold of the plates! I’m still loving the gold trend and don’t think I’ll ever completely give it up, but I do like how well silver matches everything since it doesn’t demand the spot light the way gold does I think it works better for decor.

My mom did a super good job on all the food, it was all so yummy!! She made everyones favorites so there was no way to eat a bit of everything and not walk away feeling stuffffffed. It was so delicious and I’m still dreaming of that stuffing! She made the whole thing GF so I could enjoy it too, and it turned out reallllly good! You would never know it was made sans gluten. My mom is so sweet about the whole gluten free thing and always makes sure I get to enjoy what everyone else is too. This years thanksgiving dinner was delicious! And the company was not that bad either 😉

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