Christmas Weekend

We had a veryyyy busy Christmas weekend.

We started off my going to New Mexico to see my mom’s side of the family in Hatch. We had a big dabaw (my grandpa’s mom) style breakfast with biscuits and gravy, green Chile eggs, bacon, and sausage. We then opened presents and I found out that my mamow (aka grandma) got me a crown! I was/still am so excited about that!! Then we went and took some family photos in the orchard with the wagon. My mom’s family has a super cool tradition where, when someone gets married, the groom pulls the bride in this wagon through town. I didn’t get to do that tradition but my brother did, which I think is so fun!! I hope our kids do the wagon pull someday.

IMG_7191IMG_7197IMG_7192IMG_7213Aren’t my parent’s cute in this pic??

We then drove back to Thatcher and went to Church with my parents. I love when Sacrament meeting falls on Christmas or Christmas Eve. It usually means we get to sing tons of Christmas songs, and this year did not disappoint. We opened presents with them afterward and then we headed to Mesa to spend Christmas Eve and Day with Jaron’s family.


It was really nice spending Christmas Eve and Day with Jaron’s family. We had homemade pizza and watched the Muppet Christmas Carol on the Eve and read Luke 2 and opened presented on the Day! We also went to a movie on Christmas day, which is where we took the pic below 🙂


I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! I especially hope that you got to take some time to remember why we celebrate Christmas and who we are celebrating! I’m so grateful for Jesus Christ and I love that we get a whole season dedicated to celebrating his brith.

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