We Moved!

Hello hello, it’s been a little while since we were last on here. A lot has happened in the last month, but now that things have settled down we can tell you all about them! And hopefully be more consistent with documenting whats going on in our lives going forward!

Just to give you an idea of what has been happening (and what several separate posts will focus on) since we last talked christmas, new years, law school graduation, my trip to Kansas, thanksgiving, and several fun winter dates all happened.

Alsooooo, we moved! Which is what I’m here to tell you about today. 🙂

When we first got married we moved into a little one bed/one bath house that was behind another house, so it was like a grandma or guest house. We loved our little white house, we made a lot of memories there. Got in a couple of spats, learned about each other, grew as a couple, strengthened our relationship, made plans and promises, established traditions, and cooked some yummy food together. That house was where we first went after we got married and it holds a really special place in our hearts. Knowing how much we loved our first house, we wanted to document it and so we arranged to get some pics taken in it before we moved. The following are those pics 🙂

Make sure you note the supper cute tile happening in that house. The kitchen has black and greenish blue tile on the counters and black and white checkered on the floor, the bathroom has pink and green tile on the counter and in the tub, and the floors are all a light brown wood. Also, check out the windows! They are all the small square style. The back windows had ivy growing from the ground up and around them, which is where we took the pic of us on the chair. Such a cute house, you could tell it had been around for a while and we loved it’s history.

We didn’t move far, just across the street. The house is about twice the size of the white house we moved from and it’s yellow! We love our street!


Thanks for stopping by! You’ll be hearing lots more of us ❤


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