Happy New Year!


Happy New Year from your favorite Charming Chatwins 😉

This year we spent New Years Eve with my family down in Thatcher. My sister-in-law made some mini winers slow cooked in some BBQ sauce magic, bacon wrapped ones, and some brown sugar bacon wrapped ones. They were so good and I need to get that recipe from her!! She also made them in her mini crockpot, which made me super excited because I have never used our mini crock pot and this is a recipe I’m itching to try in there.

In addition to eating the yummy teats Nic made, we also played partner Canasta and dominos. Canasta is a card game that my mom’s family always plays, it’s very fun in big groups and we have a blast playing it! Jaron and I made a major comeback and almost one after being down 2,000 points after the first round. When we played Dominos, Jaron won all 3 games. Everyone was kinda ticked that he kept winning so we only played the 3 games. IDK how he was doing it, but that boy is good and I need to take him to Vegas 😉

After the games us kids (aka, my siblings, and their spouses, and us) went to find a dance to crash… but we were unsuccessful cause it’s Thatcher, so we had our own dance party in a packing lot. When we got home from our shenanigans, we watched a movie in the basement with my parents until it was midnight! We popped some sparking cider, banged some pots outside for good luck, and took lots of pics. Jaron and I, naturally, shared a NYE kiss. It was my very first one and it was special to share it with my husband for our first married new years (last year he spent NYE in mesa and I was in Thatcher so we didn’t get to see each other for a midnight NYE kiss).

We hope you had a happy and safe New Years!!!


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