Thor; Ragnarok


This grainy photo, somehow, got taken while a nice stranger took our above photo. We had to document the randomness.


Chelcy and I love to got to super hero movies. The action, suspense, and intensity of those movies have been so awesome to have be a part of our marriage. We have always bonded and continued to grow with each other at these movies. I personally have always loved watching them to see extraordinary people doing things even beyond their reach. However, what impresses me even more is when you have regular people do things for them that others can’t. The Thor movie that we saw this time was truly fantastic. But, between you and me, I think what a special someone was most looking forward to was a sweet popcorn treat at the end of the movie. Chelcy was leaving out of town that same day in order to visit her family so with any good road trip you have to have something to snack on. I have always loved that about her. Our first road trip together to meet her family required some prep work on my part. But that story is for another day, however, needless to say it was as sweet as our marriage has continued to be. Anyways, we loved the movie and you should go see it if you’re into super hero movies. Peace out girl ¬†scout!!



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