Presley’s Last EA Home Game


My dad looooooooves to photobomb our pictures, so I had to include this one. Shout out to you and your photobombing skills daddy!


Gotta love those snapchat photos ❤

My brothers last home game was this last weekend and I made a quick trip home to Thatcher to watch him play. My dad and my mom both played for EA before going on to play football at NAU and volleyball at BYU-Hawaii respectively, so having one of the siblings play for the local college and my parents alarm mater is kinda special. I have always enjoyed supporting my brother play the various sports he has, but it was extra fun sitting in the EA bleachers and watching my baby broth kick butt. They won and it was super exciting!!!

They also had cotton candy at half-time and we had to get some. Who can resist cotton candy?? It helped that it was bigger than our heads.


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