Apple Picking at Apple Annies



Apple picking is one of my favorite fall traditions. Usually we go to Angles Orchard which  is on Mt. Graham and about 20 min from my parents house, but sadly we just missed our chance to go there this year as they closed the weekend before we had planned to hit it up. My mom saved the day and found out Apple Annies still had apples. So, we packed up the car, invited my sister-in-law, and headed to Wilcox to pick some apples and make my fall dreams come true! I love picking apples not just for the tasty snacks you get to enjoy while picking (I looooove apples), but also for the chance it always gives me to chat with my mom and make new memories with her. We’ve gone apple picking the last 4 years in a row and it is easily my new favorite fall tradition. The only thing that would have made it complete would be having Jaron there. Maybe next year I’ll get to go with him again? We sure had a blast last year.

Apple Annies did not disappoint. My mom said she liked it better than Angels Orchard because it was more organized, but I was just happy to get to pick some apples! There is definitely some apple cider, pies, and apples dipped in Nutella in our future!

Side note, we found out that Apple Annies has a pumpkins and produce farm at a different location then their apple orchards. We popped over there to see if we could get some pumpkins, but they were already closing. We did luck out, however, and get to pick our own Sunflowers. I’d never done that before, and neither had my mom, and I think that was easily a highlight. There were lots of bees and other scary bugs, but the Sunflowers were so so so pretty and we got some ginormous-bigger-than-your-face ones that I love seeing on our kitchen table every morning (we let them spend sometime outside to get rid of the scary bugs before bringing them inside).

The apple/sunflower picking made for an excellent day!! No better way to spend a fall break in my opinion!

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