Long Hair Do Care


Where’s all my long haired friends out there?! In our AZ Summer heat (yes, it’s still summer temps here in Mesa 😥  long hair only adds to the sweltering temps you feel. Because of the hot hot hot weather, braids are always my friend in the summer. I’ve been braiding my own hair since I was in 7th grade, and I really only taught myself how to because my little sister (who was 1st) learned that summer how to braid her own hair…. yes I was jealous. And so I decided to learn how to braid my own hair. Game changer ever since. This summer I experimented with a couple of different braids and may do a post compliaing them all, but for now here is my favorite go to. A simple three strand braid at the nape of your neck to pull the air off your face without slicking it back. I always need a little softness around my face in the hair department (it just feels prettier to me), and this braid gives me that without compromising the necessary get-this-hair-off-me-its-summer.

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