SUP Birthday Boy

Jaron turned 24 yesterday!! I LOVE birthdays. And I LOVE Jaron. And it was so much fun celebrating the birthday of my favorite guy.

Have you ever seen the frozen after movie? The one where they celebrate Ana’s Birthday, but elsa gets a cold? If you haven’t a) you’re missing out!!  b) you should watch it! and c) that short was the inspiration for phase 2 of Jaron’s birthday. In the short, Ana wakes up to a string leading her throughout the castle and to different presents. So, this morning when Jaron woke up, I handed him a present with a string attached and he followed it throughout our house to different presents I had collected for him for the last couple of months. It was super fun seeing his surprised face overtime he came to the next present. I think his favorite was a Cowboy hat. He loves to swing dance (and I love dancing with him) and now he can do so in full cowboy style!

Phase 2 was us going to Tempe Town Lake and doing some Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP). This was also a surprise! We got dressed in our swimsuits and headed out the door and he studied on the way to our surprise destination (poor guy had a test in one of his classes on his birthday). It was both of our first time and we each only fell in once… except I fell in all the way and Jaron only went in half way. We both agreed it was super fun and would love to go back again!! For our first time we didn’t do half bad!

I sure love this birthday boy of mine and can’t wait to see what the next year looks like!



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