Pizza Pizza

Jaron loves pizza. He’s part Italian and his mom makes a mean homemade pizza. If it was up to Jaron we’d prob have pizza every night. And on Friday, where we ate was up to  Jaron. And he choose….. SURPRISE pizza! (did the post title give it away?) We worked out together Friday morning and on our way home from the gym we stopped by MOD pizza. A favorite of ours, because I am gluten free and they have really good GF options, and they let you customize everything. Jaron got his barbecue, pineapple, Canadian-bacon, sausage, and onions pizza. He changes it a little every time, but he said the creation on Friday was delicious! I got a pesto, mushroom, artichoke, all the cheese, and sausage pizza. I loved mine!! I wasn’t able to finish it, so I got to take it to school with me for lunch on Monday. (left overs are the best!). Since we had just worked out we didn’t think to take any pics of ourselves, but enjoy the photo of our pizza masterpiece!


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