We went to a Train concert!! It was so much fun! At the beginning of Summer Live Nation, for about two weeks, was offering concert tickets starting at $20. Jaron and I each picked out a concert we wanted to go to. I choose Train. He choose Sam Hunt. Jaron was a little skeptical about my Train choice, and so was I the first time I went to a Train concert. But Train has so many hits, ones I didn’t even realize were his until that first time I saw him live. So I knew it would be a good time, even if Jaron didn’t think so at first. We ended up having a blast dancing the night away. You’ll have to check out my Instagram (@instachelcy) to see a cute video of us dancing to Play That Song… I would put it on here by WordPress won’t let me add videos to my post. So bummer, but it’s on the insta so if you wanna see, just click here. I started off wearing a dress, because dresses are the best summer heat resistant, but when the sun set it got cooooold. Which was a super big surprise because we live in Arizona. So that’s why I’m wearing a big long-sleeve shirt half-way through the concert. Jaron saw me shivering and being the sweet guy he is, he hooked me up with a Train long-sleeve shirt to keep me warm! Jaron really is the sweetest!

Thanks for reading! And enjoy our grainy iPhone pics below ❤


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