Disney Dreams

Jaron and I are both HUGE Disney nerds. We grew up watching and loving the movies and still love all things Disney today. His love for Disney is part of how I knew that Jaron was the one. On our second date, we were at his parents house trying to pick out a movie to watch, so we both pulled out a couple of options we liked. We both had grabbed Disney movies and ended up settling on Tarzan (“is this water sanitary” is a go to quote in our house). I love that he loves Disney, and we both were SUPER excited to go to Disneyland together for the first time. We seriously had to much fun. And got sunburnt (my mom wasn’t kidding when she compared me to snow white as a child… I’m so fair).  And walk a TON (like 15 miles a ton). And ate all the food (Mickey Macaroons for her, cream cheese pretzel for him). And took a million pictures. A couple of our favorites are below, I wasn’t kidding when I said we were into dipping pictures. Hope you love!



He knocked my crown off when he pulled me in for a hug, the photog caught the reaction perfectly.


^^ Mickey Macroons. They are at the Jolly Holiday Bakery… you haaaave to try one.


Note the tiara on the ground.


We LOVED this ride!!! Which is saying something cause we were both sad when they closed Tower of Terror. So much better tho.



  1. This is so cute. You two look so happy together and thanks for the macaron tip! Didn’t know they added those. I love your skirt. Was it satin? Leather? Hard to tell, but it looks great on you.

    1. Thanks Craig! It’s leather, and it’s a definite favorite because it’s so breezy and keeps its shape really well. Perfect for hot days full of walking! Thanks for stopping by, loved hearing from you!

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