Wedding Decorations

I’m writing a wedding decorations post separate from the big wedding post because 1) there were so many pictures that I loved and that post was super long as it was, 2) most of the decorations had special/meaningful stories behind them, 3) I want those stories to have the attention they deserve, and 4) the decorations were one of my favorite parts of the wedding so how could I resist getting to think about them a little longer.

C&J -376C&J -377

All of the carnival glass (blue and orange glass that changes color in different lights) was on loan from my maternal grandmother, my mom’s sister, and my dad’s sister. The pieces in their collection were collected and inherited from my great-grandmothers and even great-great grandmother. The Glass jars with the metal handles are antique pickle and sugar jars which were in my paternal grandmother’s collection. The vases that hold the pink flowers were my paternal grandmothers. The cake platters are my mothers, my paternal grandmothers, and mine.

C&J -372

I still have dreams about our marshmallow fondant, chocolate cake with raspberry filling. So gooooood. Also, Tracey Pursley (T-Sweets Day on instgram) is magic.

C&J -373C&J -375C&J -374

Donut heaven. They are pretty and they taste good.

C&J -378

Cafe Rio style food… seriously good. The doors are from an old, victorian style house in Thatcher owned by the Jorgensen Family. The side table and dining table are my parents.

C&J -399C&J -379

Fun fact, I love sparkling cider. I bust it out for every occasion I can. So, of course, we had it at our wedding and even had toasts so everyone had an excuse to drink it. We housed the sparkly in wash bins that were my mom’s paternal grandparents.

C&J -380

Note the silver pitcher, very the polar express, it belonged to my paternal grandmother.

C&J -387C&J -385

My aunt picked out the letters for me for my bridal shower, and the table use to live in the entry way in my paternal grandmothers entry way. Now it lives in my parents house.

C&J -381

We made the wood boxes from wood we pulled off a barn my mom’s paternal grandfather built himself. It was a fun project, and the boxes turned out quite cute (we made two sizes: the small ones on the table and the big ones on the ground throughout the reception). We also put the carnival glass on the tables with flowers.

C&J -368C&J -386

The chevy was my mom’s maternal grandfather’s truck.

C&J -384

The typewriter is mine, and the dresser is my paternal grandmothers. Also, note the large crates we made with the barn wood.

C&J -390

This couch is my aunts. Super cool couch.

C&J -383C&J -382C&J -369

C&J -367C&J -366

We asked our family members to send us photos of them on their wedding day or just a favorite couple picture. We loved the idea of celebrating marriages that have come before ours and are great example of what love is. We also used a door off the barn off my great-grant grandpa’s barn.

C&J -362C&J -364

We hung the entry way to the reception with mason jars willed with lights and babies breath.

C&J -363

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