The Wedding

February 25, 2o17

The day we became husband and wife. The day I became his and he became mine. I loved our wedding, it was the best day ever and a real dream come true. As we were planning it we talked a lot about our expectations and what we wanted the day to be. For me, one of my top priorities was the pictures. I loooooooooove pictures. I’m all about taking them, being in them, and even sometimes planning them (I know, super photo nerd). My friends, who I’ve known since high school, have often bemoaned my love for pictures as I sought to document our evenings and adventures and big moments. I love pictures for the memories they capture, and I regularly use them for journal substitutes. So, knowing my passion for photos, it should come as no surprise the time we put into picking our photographer and the real trust we had to have in him. We used Hayden Farr, who served in the same mission as my brother, and is really talented. He went above and beyond our expectations and we were really pleased with the outcome. Without a doubt, we will be using him again. My brother even used him for his wedding pictures and my mom has already talked about using him for our next family photos. I hope you enjoyed these pictures from our wedding!

Three generations of rings: me, my mom, and my grandma.

The sun set during our first dance, it was dreamy.

Smooshed nooses lol

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